Why can't I open anything?

You are not a member or have expired membership with RCD.  Encourage you to go to RCD website and find “Logged In” and apply to Membership or Renewal of Membership.


What happens if I forgot my password?

Go to RCD website and find “Help” - look up for top tab and type your Username or Email then click “Get New Password”.  One of RCD officers will be your monitor and verify your identification. Then you will receive temporary password by email.  Make sure you change and create your own password then save.  Please write your password on the notepad and hide it into your safe place!


My membership is valid but login won’t allow me.

Someone uses your username or password. Click “Help" then click “Report” and write description about the situation. One of our monitors will take care of your situation and contact you soon.


Will my personal information for membership (my address, VP #, email, etc.) with RCD be confidential?

Yes!! Absolutely and definitely!


I do not want my name or my face to be publicized into the Photo Gallery and Newsletter.

RCD is much obliged for your wish. Your responsibility is to give us notification for our RCD photographer and editor to be aware of your special request.


Do I have to pay for my story and picture to be in the newsletter?

It’s FREE!  RCD loves your story!! Original picture(s) will be returned to you.  If you send electronic pictures, they will be proper handling by RCD and kept in property of RCD.


Can I put my story into RCD Vlog?

Again, it’s FREE!  Yes!! RCD loves more stories from your vlog!  First of all, your vlog has to be brought up to the website committees for approval.


Can I advertise for car or yard sale to be put into RCD Classified?

Yes!  As long as you are required to pay prepaid $5.00.


Announcements?? Other organizations want their flyer, etc. to be put into RCD website?

Yes!  As long as RCD Editor’s guideline following the chart prices set between 1/4 and full page for one month. (Note: RCD has right reserved to reject if our event is in conflict of schedule with them).